An Integrated Early Years Activity-based Programme

16 Nov 2018
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Worldwide, major positive transformations have occurred in the field of education with respect to teaching and learning in a better way and enabling children to explore the world and build on their knowledge in an enriched and learning environment.

The focus has now moved from the traditional methods of teaching to the new concept of activity and digital based learning that assists in holistic development of the children and provided them a platform to play, explore and reflect on their learning. Through this method, concepts are not only easily understood by the children, but learning becomes more impactful and permanent.

This combination of hands-on and digital learning exposure is one of the most preferred learning styles for the 21st-century learners. Use of learning material along with the digital learning modules encourages the children to discuss and share ideas while indulging in various types of play—solitary play, parallel play, collaborative and cooperative play. It not only strengthens and stimulates tactile, visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learning styles in the children but leads to development of various skills in the children. Children become independent thinkers, develop critical problem-solving skills while learning to rely on their own understanding and become more confident learners.

Thereby, Nurinori is the core of learning and play. Children not only enhance their developmental skills but enjoy the learning experiences while doing these activities.

Ms. Kannu Aghi
Curriculum Head – Early Years
(Member ECA and ARNEC)