Interactive Play

03 Dec 2018

Teaching children is not an easy task. They have a very short attention span which is complemented with high energy levels. Any activity which is less captivating makes them lose interest very easily. This is why interactive activities are the best way to engage and teach children in a fun and interesting way.

Nuri Nori is made up of interactive 3d/2d videos and learning activities for the children. Not only these activities are an excellent way to keep your children engaged but also tap on 'five’ major developmental areas for their holistic development. In fact, the concept of visual learning style by way of seeing (visual), hearing (auditory), or doing (kinaesthetic) is emphasized by Nuri Nori.

Nuri Nori helps in the artistic, physical and mental development of children as it requires children to work with their bodies or hands in some way while actively thinking about how they can advance to the next level. Another wonderful contribution of Nuri Nori to help the children is to develop their social and communication skills as the activities often require the children to work together with each other as well as with the teacher and parents. This builds cooperation and trust in one another.

To ward off the worries of the teachers and parents, Nuri Nori helps to retain the interest of children in learning by fun and interesting ways. It helps to develop the necessary skills for the next year at school by providing an engaging and wonderful way of entertainment.