NuriNori-A Powerful Catalyst for Brain Development

03 Dec 2018
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From the moment a child is born, the brain grows rapidly and by the time the child reaches the age of 2 years, brain development is almost 80% complete. The period of 2-5 years is crucial in the brain development of the child as, by the time the child reaches the age of 5 years, the brain develops to almost 90% and it is also during this period that the child is most sensitive towards the environment around him and develops physically, emotionally as well as socially. It is the key learning phase in a child’s life and hence, it is very important that the child gets the best opportunities during this period for his brain to develop fully and positively.

Parents play a very important role in the proper brain development of the child as they are the most important influence on the child’s brain. A positive relationship between the child and the parents leads to a healthy development of the brain. It has been observed that the children with loving and healthy relationship with their parents from the time they are born, grow up to be mature and successful individuals. Therefore, it is important for the parents to engage and influence their child from the initial stages and provide them with opportunities to explore the world around them, leading to a healthy brain development.

It is also during these early years of brain development that the child develops various skills such as reading, cognition, fine motor skills and an understanding of different subjects. So, it is important that the child’s brain be subjected to the right kind of stimuli that enhance and promote a healthy brain development. NuriNori is one such tool that stimulates a child’s brain and helps essential development for learning. It provides a hand-on learning experience to the child and leaves a deep, nurturing impact on the child’s brain helping them to be future global citizens.

Etika Kapil
Academic Trainer