Is NuriNori easy to execute with your existing General Awareness curriculum?

Yes, the Nurinori themes are commonly used in schools and the global concepts, innovative hands-on activities with interactive multimedia content makes it most sought for programme to cater to all visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.

Would you require a separate slot to execute the programme?

Yes, the Nurinori Programme would require a 40-45 minutes slot each day for 20 days in a month.

Would you require a separate teacher to execute the programme?

The main class teacher once undergoes Nurinori Programme training can execute the programme easily.

How many take-aways are there in a day?

There is a take-away activity planned every week of the month.

What are the various types and number of activities in the programme?

Level Circle Time Science Story/ Poem/ Drama Art Manipulative Physical Activity Block Language Role Play Music & Movement Total
1 – 3+
4 8 6 24 16 13 4 2 6 1 84
2 – 4+
3 7 5 22 15 7 5 11 5 0 80

What is SmartK

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